Ms. Singh

Hello My Name Is...

Priya Singh

It is a pleasure to be working as an 8th Grade Science Teacher at Lakeside Middle School. I truly enjoy working with children, helping them learn and gain 21st century skills to become successful citizens!

Personal Message: It is important for students to learn not only science, math, language arts and social studies, but also the value of kindness, respect, and honesty.  

8th Grade Physical Science  
Semester 1: Chemistry (Matter, Reactions, Periodic Table)
Semester 2: Physics (Motion, Forces, Solar System)

20% Quarter Tests
10% Homework
70% Classwork, Projects, Assignments, Quizzes, Tests

Materials Required Daily
Science Notebook
Pencil/ Pen

Follow all classroom and school rules
Be Respectful

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Phone: 951-443-2440